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Conclusion: Open reduction and internal fixation with mini T-plates in properly selected cases of Rolando fracture with large and single palmar and dorsal articular fragments offers several advantages such as allowing direct visualization of the joint, removal of interposed soft tissues, and exact anatomical restoration of the articular surface. 29/10/2019 · Description of Rolando fracture and treatment is described. Hand fracture may result from a trauma injury, high-force impact or stress. It may also be an outcome of diseases like osteogenesis, osteoporosis or bone cancer. In such cases, the fracture is termed as a pathologic bone fracture. The treatment and healing of hand fractures is a slow and progressive process. 16/02/2019 · Let us learn together. There are many ways to learn the topic. Let us unleash the secret of learning concept through many ways. Enjoy the lecture and review me. - Naveena.

Metacarpal fractures are common, and many can be managed nonoperatively with appropriate reduction and immobilization. As with any hand fracture, the primary goals are to achieve anatomic and stable reduction, bony union, and early mobilization to minimize disability. Appropriate treatment requires a keen understanding of the types of fractures. The Rolando fracture is a comminuted intra-articular fracture through the base of the first metacarpal bone the first bone forming the thumb. It was first described in 1910 by Silvio Rolando. This is a fracture consisting of 3 distinct fragments; it is typically T- or Y-shaped. 09/07/2019 · Proubasta IR. Rolando's fracture of the first metacarpal. Treatment by external fixation. J Bone Joint Surg Br. 1992 May. 74 3:416-7.. Buchler U, McCollam SM, Oppikofer C. Comminuted fractures of the basilar joint of the thumb: combined treatment by external fixation, limited internal fixation, and bone grafting. 18/11/2019 · Treatment of a Rolando fracture usually requires surgery. Metal screws and pins may be needed to reconstruct the thumb joint in many cases. Wires, known as Kirschner wires, may also be used to compress the bone fragments together until they are healed. Abstract Rolando fractures are associated with poor prognosis and when they occur on the dominant hand potential for disability is even greater. Timely imaging, placement into a thumb spica splint.

Rolando fracture is a three-part or comminuted intra-articular fracture-dislocation of the base of the thumb proximal first metacarpal. It can be thought of as a comminuted Bennett fracture. Pathology The mechanism is usually an axial blow to. Treatment of a broken thumb. If you suspect a thumb fracture, especially a Rolando, or Bennett’s fracture at the base of the thumb then seek medical attention as soon as possible. Initial treatment of a suspected thumb fracture includes immobilization with a splint and applying ice or cold water to reduce pain and swelling.

Thumb - Indication - Metacarpal, Rolando.

What is a Rolando Fracture? A Rolando fracture is a serious injury of the thumb that can be incredibly unstable, making treatment a challenge. While some people might not realize it, the thumb is arguably the most important digit on the hand. Signs and symptoms. Although bone tissue itself contains no nociceptors, bone fracture is painful for several reasons: Breaking in the continuity of the periosteum, with or without similar discontinuity in endosteum, as both contain multiple pain receptors.

  1. Described by Rolando in 1910, this fracture is a 3-part intraarticular fracture of the base of the thumb metacarpal. These T- or Y-shaped fracture patterns can occur either in the frontal or in the sagittal plane. The mechanism is axial overload along the first metacarpal causing compression of the joint surface.
  2. This fracture that I have noticed in 3 cases of 10 of base fractures follows an injury acting along the longitudinal axis of the metacarpal. It has a Y form and cannot be distinguished from a Bennett fracture without radiographic studies, and like the Bennett fracture, it has to have a special kind of treatment. Rolando 1910; 33: 303–304.

any single treatment strategy is largely limited to single-center studies, and randomized controlled trials are difficult to implement given the wide spectrum of fracture patterns and mechanisms of injury.6 Nonetheless, the literature is rich with large, retrospective series with long follow-up that provide insight into the most effective treat Treatment of Rolando fractures remains a challenge for hand surgeons. We present a case series of 16 comminuted Rolando type fractures treated by controlled capsuloligamentous distraction and over distraction by 2 mm using the Pennig mini-external fixation system. Additional Kirschner wires were used to maintain fracture reduction and. Rolando fractures are often difficult to manage because of their inherent instability. We describe a simple technique for the treatment of this fracture using the principle of ligamentotaxis, with a static, two-pin external fixator spanning the trapeziometacarpal joint, and present the results of. The Rolando fracture is a comminuted intra-articular fracture through the base of the first metacarpal bone the first bone forming the thumb. It was first described in 1910 by Silvio Rolando. This is a fracture consisting of 3 distinct fragments; it is typically T- or Y-shaped. Treatment. There are several proposed methods of treatment. In 1910, Silvio Rolando described 3 cases of a Y-pattern fracture of the metacarpal base. 20 The term Rolando fracture is now applied to many comminuted fractures of the base of the first metacarpal but ideally should be reserved for Y- or T-pattern fractures that include the volar-ulnar Bennett fragment in addition to a dorsal radial fragment.

20/05/2019 · Treatment of a Rolando fracture can be difficult due to the comminuted nature of this fracture pattern, but surgical treatment is recommended for unstable fractures. In the presence of large volar and dorsal fragments, open reduction with internal fixation is indicated. The relationship between methods of treatment, quality of reduction and the occurrence of late disability and osteo-arthritic changes was studied in 17 Rolando’s fractures. Three were undisplaced. Nonsurgical Treatment. If the bone fragments of the fracture have not moved displaced very much, or if the break is located in the middle shaft of the bone, your surgeon may be able to use a specially designed cast spica cast to hold the bone fragments in place. The. rolando fracture, plain films, hand trauma, Bennett fracture, axial load injury FIGURE 1 Lateral view X-ray showing a comminuted fracture at the base of the first metacarpal with intra-articular extension, compatible with Rolando-type fracture FIGURE 2 PA Oblique view X-ray showing a comminuted.

Looking for Rolando fracture? Find out information about Rolando fracture. breaking of a bone. A simple fracture is one in which there is no contact of the broken bone with the outer air, i.e., the overlying tissues are intact. Explanation of Rolando fracture. The Rolando fracture is a comminuted intra-articular fracture through the base of the first metacarpal bone the bone located just proximal to the thumb. It was first described in 1910 by Silvio Rolando. This is a fracture consisting of 3 distinct fragments; it is typically T- or Y-shaped. Pathoanatomy deforming forces are the same as Bennett's fracture volar fragment should have volar oblique ligament attached shaft pulled dorsally typically the base is split into a volar and dorsal fragment commonly called a 'Y' fracture often have more than two proximal fragments Rolando Fracture 22. Treatment Non-operative: immobilization.

Hand FracturesOverview, facts, types, treatment.

Abstract. In 11 patients with a Rolando's fracture of the first metacarpal, the mini-Hoffman external fixation was used to maintain closed reduction of the fracture, with two pins placed distally in the first metacarpal and one pin proximally in the trapezium.

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